True Natural Beauty comes from within...

True Natural Beauty comes from within...
Welcome, to my natural bath / beauty and clean eating blog, where nature is our pantry....take a few quiet moments to enjoy free recipes and tutorials using natural ingredients. Have questions about recipes or where to find these ingredients? Put your question in the comment box and I will be happy to answer .............Anna

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Homemade Coffee Scrub Recipe

            This skin softening, invigorating, natural treatment is used in spas around the world...
                                               and in our own  Home Spa's for pennies!
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Coffee, America's great morning picker-upper is a great exfoliator too!   And the perfect
addition to your home-spa pantry. Use your favorite coffee in a fragrant, pampering body scrub.
Want to be resourceful?  *Save your morning grounds and mix them into a scrub to be used the 
same day.

Why coffee?   Coffee grounds are a natural exfoliator. Exfoliation is the removal of dead, dry skin cells that collect on the outer surface of the skin. The coffee buffs these unwanted cells off and speeds up our own skins natural renewal process, producing healthy glowing skin.   Also, coffee's natural caffein content is used as a topical treatment for cellulite, as it dilates blood vessels which increases speed and volume of blood flow.  Which, in theory, helps remove excess water from our tissue, thus improving the skins appearance and tone, according to the University of Sao Paulo 2008 study.   (ok girls, we all know we cannot fully get rid of our cellulite, but we can reduce the appearance of it , weight loss is also key).   

Note: We are talking about a body scrub here, not a facial scrub.  Facial scrubs are composed more gentle than body scrubs.

Ever wonder why you have alligator skin legs even after using quality lotion?  Its time to exfoliate.

When you exfoliate your legs, for example, you unclog the pores, allowing your skin to absorb the necessary moisture it needs. The healthy benefits in your quality lotion can now actually get to their destination in your dry legs. ( feet, heels etc ). Dull skin comes alive, leaving you with a natural glow
and beautiful soft skin. 
How: Apply this in the shower, it will be slippery, or sitting on tub side.  Take a  palm full of scrub and apply in a circular motion, paying attention to cellulite areas, small varicose vein areas, and dry skin areas. 

RECIPE for one use:   Basic Coffee Scrub 
  • 3 TBL coffee grounds;   Use new grounds for the greatest application of caffein.  
  • 1 TBL natural oil of your choice:  like olive oil, grapeseed, coconut (melted), almond etc.. Don't use any petroleum based oil as this will clog pores!  Olive has a heavier feel, is naturally hypoallergenic and is full of vitamin A and E , helps repair skin....grapeseed oil is lighter in feel, silky, not oily, and penetrates the skin quickly. It is cheaper than olive oil and is easily found in the grocery store with the other oils. This is a great choice for scrubs as it has almost no scent and is good for sensitive skin. Great for cooking too.
  • 1 TBL sugar:  white or brown or a mixture of both.
  • Mix all dry ingredients, then add oil (s).  Oil amount is your preference based on how much coffee grounds you are using.  Make this in single use amounts, or make a larger batch and store in frig if you used wet grounds. Final scrub consistency is your perogative, some like more oil than others, some like it dryer. Experiment. There's no wrong or right.

RECIPE:   Mocha Spice
  • 1 TBL Cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
  • Add to the basic coffee scrub recipe above,s dry ingredients, then add oil (s)
  • optional :  vanilla

   NOTE:  Don't exfoliate skin with rashes or abrasions

*NOTE: I recommend using fresh coffee grounds as the caffeine content is not depleted. However, if               you use, used grounds for your scrub, dry them out first, you don't want
            to introduce water into your scrub, it breeds bacteria. You can use your wet
            grounds if you make a one time use scrub and use it that same day. 

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                Check out my coffee soap recipe you can make yourself, full tutorial ! 

thanks for stopping by,  Anna



Doreen... said...

Hello, Anna,
I have used chocolate pudding powder and with it(thus) have dyed the soap. The orange tones are from the orange peel. There is that with the baking ingredients at the supermarket. I have lightened only the bright part with Titandioxid.
Dear greetings

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Hello Doreen,
Thank you for answering my question about the chocolate pudding in your St Martins Day soap. I am going to try pudding in my soap! What a wonderful and natural way to dye the soap! You have many beautiful soaps on your blog, thanks for sharing your information.

RachelleB said...

Hi Anna,
I just found your blog this morning via "She's Gone Digital". I read the coffee scrub recipe and had to try it NOW. I feel like I am wrapped in a cashmere Snuggie. I used olive oil as it was all I had. I think it will be too heavy for my hubby, will get grape at the store today. Can’t wait to see his face when I tell him the coffee grounds drying on the counter are for his shower tonight. Added bonus: we drink flavored coffee, didn’t even think about it until I smelled the essence of chocolate while using the scrub. We have a Christmas blend for over the holidays, looking forward to trying it inside and out.

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Rachelle, glad to have you stop by! I love Jan's blog "She's Gone Digital".
And I love the coffee scrub too, so glad you tried it! I can't believe I have NEVER thought of using the flavored coffee, what a great idea! ha! Now, I can't wait to try it! My hubby likes the scrub too as he has very dry feet, it really helps he says, for him I use the olive oil, for me the grapeseed. Thanks for the comment, Merry Christmas! Anna

Heather said...

Really like your blog! I've enjoyed the different recipes.


Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Heather, thanks for stopping by, so glad you like the recipes too! I'm always working on something new, my kids are used to me slathering something on their faces and asking: "hows that feel"?!

Craige said...

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how long this scrub might last in the fridge?

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Kaycee: About the Coffee Scrub, I keep mine in the frig for a couple weeks. says it lasts 1-2 weeks or longer if in the frig.

Don't allow any water to get into your scrub as that will introduce bacteria. Keep it well sealed and in the frig for longer shelf life.

This is an amazing scrub, use it twice a week and you will love your skin! Anna

Julian Levi said...

I found your blog with some different recipes... Now I can't wait to try these too... Thanks for sharing with us.
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MaJeCla said...


We do some work with BAILEYS Coffee Creamers and absolutely love your blog! Would it be ok if we featured this recipe on our Facebook page?

Feel free to send us an email!

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Sure Elizabeth, feel free to share this post. I'd love to see it, let me know where on facebook ! thanks, appreciate the compliment.


Unknown said...

hi! does this scrub expire?

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Amielle, Hi! I keep mine in the frig for a couple weeks. says it lasts 1-2 weeks or longer if in the frig.

It's important not to allow any water to get into your scrub as that will introduce bacteria. Keep it well sealed and in the frig.
Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

A tip for people worrying about bacteria: Keep your coffee grounds in a Zip-Loc bag in the freezer. They'll dry out and never mold. When you need to make a scrub, it'll be there waiting for you to use as needed.

On the Side said...

Hello, I've been using ground coffee as body scrub for many years now but I mix it with honey and lemon juice, instead of olive oil, or any other oil. When I ran out of ground coffee, I use brown sugar. Great blog, by the way :-)

On the Side said...

Hi, I've been using coffee scrub for many years now but instead of oil, I mix mine with honey and lemon juice. I probably should give your recipe a try :-)

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Thank you Emy. I'll have to try your recipe as well !

Michelle said...

Your directions are SO complete!! Every question that I started to come up with is something that you just naturally answered as you wrote your post. Thank you so much!

Lifetherapy said...

Interesting.let me try this at home

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Brijitha said...

I will try this....

Aliya said...

good post...thank you

laxmi said...

Really like your blog!
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Unknown said...
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