True Natural Beauty comes from within...

True Natural Beauty comes from within...
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kokum butter uses in soap and skin care

Natural Soaper Wanda M. from He Loves Me Soaps,  made my Orange Tea Tree blemish bar soap, and like any true soaper she tweaked the ingredients to suit her needs.  In this case Wanda used a fabulous natural butter called Kokum in her soap, and created a facial bar to meet the needs of her family.

Kokum butter is a natural emollient, which means it is a moisturizer that makes the skin softer,  aiding in it's elasticity as well as increasing it's hydration by decreasing evaporation. It's ability to improve the skin's tone and texture and prevent and treat dry skin make this butter a great choice for this facial bar. Prized for it's ability as a natural astringent it's addition to this bar makes it a good choice for an acne bar.  Good for all skin types but especially for those with damaged skin, this butter is an excellent healer.

Kokum would be an excellent butter to use in lip balm recipes as it aids in healing of chapped lips. You will see it in the ingredient list of some of Bert's Bees products.

Cracked heals and hands?   Kokum butter would be an excellent addition to lotions and balms.

It's anti-aging properties lend to a great day cream additive as it reduces the degeneration of skin cells and aids in the prevention of wrinkles.   This is a hard butter with a two year shelf life.

Thanks Wanda for drawing our attention to this fabulous natural butter made from the Kokum Tree (Garcinia Indica) native to tropical regions of India.

Places to purchase Kokum butter:   I am not affiliated with any of these shops.
LuxNatures Supplies etsy shop
Essential Wholesale and Labs
Bulk Apothecary
Garden of Wisdom
Wholesales Supplies Plus

Click here for my original recipe, feel free to tweak it to suit your needs ! NOTE:  you should
always run any soap recipe through a lye calculator before making it !!!  Here are a few to try:
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9 of the best Lye Calcs

Enjoy,   Anna


Unknown said...

Your very welcome Anna! I really love this soap and so do my friends, family and customers! I even have my husband using it and he was a devoted neutragena user. Thank you for giving me a foundation to work upon! Good tip about the lip balms, I actually use kokum butter in many of my lip balm recipes and even in my foot lotion bars!

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Wanda,so glad you shared with us. If anyone wants to check out Wanda's products see her FaceBook page at:

He Loves Me Soaps

Jean.bermil said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting post of yours! Very helpful tips for everyone.

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