True Natural Beauty comes from within...

True Natural Beauty comes from within...
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bath Fizzy Melts Recipe and Tutorial

  Scented Bath Oil Fizzy Bomb Melts......almond biscotti scented
             Just made these awesome little goodies for some Christmas treats for my girls.
Made with citric acid, baking soda, corn starch, grapeseed oil, specked with dried rose petals and oatmeal, and fragrance oil from Brambleberry called almond biscotti, (totally yummy warm scent, love it)  and spritzed with a little water to get it to harden, they fizzle away in your tub as your stress and weariness fizzles right away!

Bath Oil Melts  
1 cup baking soda
1 cup citric acid
1/2 cup corn starch
1/2 cup grapeseed oil (or olive oil, or sweet almond, or sunflower its your choice!)
1/2 tsp almond biscotti fragrance oil ( use your own strength and own fragrance choice) )
Dried rose petals (ground in my coffee grinder!!) for accent, optional
Spritzer of water

Put baking soda, citric acid, corn starch and bits of rose petal (optional) in a bowl.
Mix well. I used a small strainer to get it a finer mixture.

Add your oil of choice, and fragrance/essential oil.  (I used grapeseed for its lightness.)

Mix well.  Mix with your hands into a soft dough.   If crumbly, spritz sparingly with water and mix
well. This helps it to harden, it will fizzle slightly. NOT too much water here girls!

Sprinkle rose petals in mold before you put mixture in for added effect. (optional)

You can use just about anything to mold these goodies in as long as its bendable so you can pop
them out.  Or just mold into a ball by hand and let dry.

NOTE:  I tried spritzing  with witchazel and with alcohol as I use in my bath fizzy bomb recipes that do not have oil in them, and it did not work,  they didn't harden.

This makes a lovely bath oil melt. Soothing and soft.  Luxurious and pampering for your skin.

This is the mixture with all ingredients after I spritzed with water and mixed well.

Put it in your palm and squeeze.

If it holds together like this, it is ready to go in mold. Mine would not harden without that spritz of water.  I had left them in the mold overnight, and they were still oily and not hardening. I took them out of the mold, put them in a bowl, crumbled and spritzed with water.  I then re-molded them and let them sit over night and they were hard as a rock.  

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Vals Soaps And More From Home said...

These look really cool Anna! I bet the girls will love them! Great job!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

These look wonderful Anna, I hope you get to enjoy some too!

Can't wait to see your recipe when you have time to post it =)

Doreen... said...

Hi Anna, deine Melts sehen wunderschön aus. Danke für das Tutorial.
LG Doreen

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Doreen, thanks! they were fun to make too! I gave them as Christmas gifts to my daughters and neices.

Lisa Lynn said...

What a great idea! I've got to try this :)

I would love to have you stop by and vote for your favorite post on Wildcrafting Wednesdays People's Choice Awards at:

Joyfulmomof6 said...

Anna- do you know if you can substitute arrowroot for the cornstarch and olive oil or coconut oil for the grapeseed oil?

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Joyfulmom, hi. Yes you can substitute oils in this recipe for oils of your choice. I chose grapeseed because I like a lighter oil, olive would be great for a richer, heavier moisturizer. I also made a bath melt, that dosen't fizz using cocoa butter, very nice and rich. About coconut oil, I'm thinking you would have to melt it like I did the cocoa butter. Just about any natural oil can be used in these recipes! Fun huh! Have you tried the bath bomb without oil? (Bath Fizzy Bombs recipe) Its really nice too. Look under table of contents BATH BOMBS. Let me know how it works out! Thanks for stopping by ! Anna

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Joyfulmom, sorry I forgot to address the arrowroot question. I've not used it yet but it is used in natural cosmetics. I have done some research on it for a dusting powder recipe I'm working on and it sounds like it could be substituted for cornstarch, with the equivalent of 2 tsp arrowroot = 1 TBL cornstarch in this recipe. Like I said, I really don't know how the finished product would come out because it is a different texture, etc. and I haven't tried it.
Let me know if you use it.

Carrie at Kenarry Ideas for the Home said...

I’d like to include your blog post in a round-up I’m doing of ideas for using dried roses or rose petals to create keepsakes and crafts. Can you please e-mail me so I can share more details with you? Thanks! Carrie @ Kenarry: Ideas for the Home

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Carrie, sure. Will do.

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