True Natural Beauty comes from within...

True Natural Beauty comes from within...
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Easy Bath Bomb Recipe

Two main ingredients, plus a little essential or fragrance oil and spritz
with witchazel or rubbing alcohol and you have
adorable, bath fizzy bombs!

Photo by Rebekah Drennan

This recipe couldn't be any easier:

To make your desired amount of bath bombs you just need to remember the ratio
(for example: 1 cup citric acid and 2 cups baking soda)
Mix these 2 ingredients in a bowl, then drop in your desired amount of essential oil
or fragrance oil that is skin safe. Mix well, then spritz with witchazel or rubbing alcohol
until mixture holds together when you squeeze a palmful of it.
Put it into your bendable molds, press firmly. Allow to dry overnight.
These bath bombs will fizz delightfully in your tub as they soften your skin!

For a picture tutorial of other bath bomb recipes click here.

My neice made a lovely bed of ocean type scented bath salts to compliment her bath fizzy bombs. 

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Doreen... said...

Hi Anna,
wow they look really good, and the forms are particularly pretty.
LG Doreen

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