True Natural Beauty comes from within...

True Natural Beauty comes from within...
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

One in a Mel'lion Shout Out !

I have tried One in a Mel'lion's soaps in the past, a gorgeous Sun Dried Tomato kitchen soap, so when Mel did a Fall Soap Give-a-Way for her Pumpkin Oatmeal homemade soap, I entered and crossed my fingers! And was tickled pink, (or pumpkin) that I won!

As a natural soap maker (Soaper) myself, I LOVE to try other Soaper's creations. It's kind of like having someone else make dinner for YOU. Know what I mean?  I so enjoy a good bar of homemade soap, ahhh....

Along with the awesome natural soap, I received two handmade Fall Leaves print washcloths.
Seriously, these washcloths are so soft,.... you know the kind that is SO absorbent and soft and fluffy, these are those!  I'm going to designate one for my facial cloth. Mine, mine, mine.

Her sewing creations are super nice, strong stitching, no skimping on fabric quality here.

   Really nice lather !

 Pumpkin, oat-y          scent.
        Love it.

      Thank you Mel from

   One in a Mel'lion

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