True Natural Beauty comes from within...

True Natural Beauty comes from within...
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Natural facial care: Cleansing Grains

All natural Cleansing Grains are a way to naturally cleanse your face without harsh chemicals, and skin drying detergents. All natural goodness, simply applied, leaving you with glowing youthful skin.

Serving two purposes in one natural product, these hugely popular grains are becoming well known in the natural beauty world.   Not only can they be used as a lovely cleanser, but also as a
beautifying, de-tox face mask that does not strip natural oils.

The various grains, botanicals and oils used in each recipe allows for individual skin needs.

At Natures Home Spa we have found them to be an AMAZING product.   From problem skin to normal/combination skin to maturing skin, Cleansing Grains are a unique and extraordinary natural skin care product.  One step cleansing.  How easy is that.

First, the desired natural ingredients are gathered.  This can include botanicals such as rose petals, rose hips, lavender etc.  Clays can be added.  Grains like oats and gram flour are added along with skin nourishing oils like Tamanu, rose hip, carrot, sunflower, jojoba etc.  Ground almonds, etc.

This combination cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes skin. 

Why exfoliate?  Exfoliating helps the natural process of skin renewal as it removes the dead, dry skin cells, dirt, and oils that clog our pores, stimulating cell regeneration,  and increasing circulation. Skin is softer and smoother looking and feeling, as well as healthier, enabling it to perform it's duties in detoxing and protecting our face. Facial skin is now prepared to absorb and be nourished by the natural ingredients of the grains.

What exactly are Cleansing Grains then?  They are a unique recipe of collected natural ingredients ground together to create a lovely powdery-grainy product, that you hydrate with water and apply to your wet face.
You massage it in and rinse off as a cleanser,  or you leave it on for a few minutes  to dry, then
simply rinse off. 

Skin is left cleansed, de-toxed, hydrated and most importantly not stripped of it's natural oils. 

Simply use water or...
You can get creative and can hydrate your grains with milk, or fresh fruit like mashed banana, peaches, strawberries for your own individualized facial mask.  Cultured milks like yogurt, sour cream and buttermilk also make a nice hydrator.     

CLEANSER: You put a scant 1/4 tsp in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of warm water and mix in your palm. Apply to damp face. Massage in, rinse in warm water, ending with a splash of cool water.

MASK:  Use  1/4 - 1/2 tsp grains in palm or small ramekin sized bowl, mix with desired hydrator, (water, milk etc)  massage into skin, allow to dry, rinse off. 

Natural grains, herbs, botanicals, and oils are a lovely way to cleanse, restore, heal, and keep your skin healthy
HOW TO TRY THEM OUT:  click here
If you have never used Cleansing Grains, and would like to try them out without buying a large amount, I am listing an ounce of my Cleansing Grains in my Etsy Shop.  An ounce  will cleanse your face 22 times to my count !   You will be astonished after one use,  your skin will feel soft, hydrated and healthy.

New Cleansing Grain recipes will be added to shop for different type skin needs.  Please look at ingredient list and avoid if allergic to any natural additive.  Remember, "all natural" does not mean that you cannot be allergic!

Enjoy,  Anna

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