True Natural Beauty comes from within...

True Natural Beauty comes from within...
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Friday, December 27, 2013

Lavender benefits and uses.

Lavender is used in many natural bath and body products, in different forms. It is highly prized in the natural beauty market. Here are just a few ways to use lavender in your natural beauty world.....

As a relaxing herb, dried and placed in small pillows or sachets pinned to ones pillow, or sewn in a sleep mask it is said to promote sleep naturally, and aid in mild insomnia.

Grind up the dried bud in a coffee bean grinder and add it to bath bombs and bath salts. It transforms the bath treat into a simply lovely, extraordinary luxury bath.  You can add lavender essential oil to the mixture as well to enhance the aroma. This is said to not only relax and promote good sleep, but aids in headache relief naturally.

1 to 2 cups of epsom salts for a standard sized tub,  and up to 10 drops of lavender essential oil in warm water bath is known to help with muscle aches, restlessness, and promote circulation as the magnesium (naturally occurring mineral in epsom salt) and lavender soak in.   Just so you know, epsom salt baths are not for everyone. Generally they are not recommended for people with heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes, so always check with your Dr. if you have any health issues.

ANTI BACTERIAL properties of lavender make it a great addition to homemade soap recipes intended to aid in acne relief as it inhibits the bacteria on the surface of the skin.  You can also rub a drop of lavender essential oil on minor bug bites to disinfect, aid in itch relief and promote healing.
ANTI FUNGAL: For a foot soak to help in fungal relief such as athletes foot, add a few drops in warm soapy water.  For a refreshing, regenerating foot soak, add 1/2 cup epsom salt to warm water and lavender.

HEALING: The anti bacterial and anti fungal properties in lavender ward off infection and help reduce scarring and promote healing, so go ahead and use it on cuts, scrapes and insect bites.

FACIAL STEAM:  Do a natural beauty facial steam with lavender essential oil. Pour hot water in a bowl, add a few drops of lavender e.o. to water, drape a towel over your head to trap steamy-lavender mist on your face. Cleanses, promotes circulation, anti-bacterial help for acne.  I like to add green tea to a lavender facial.   More info on facial steaming and a green tea recipe.

If you make solid lotion bars, try lavender essential oil in them. I keep one on my nightstand and use it before bed to help promote sleep.  The natural oils and butters in the solid lotion pair splendidly with the natural lavender oil to make a skin nourishing, health promoting lotion bar.

I bought my last lavender from a farm in Oregon where it is organically grown. It is by far the most fragrant variety I have used, and very affordably priced. I pinned it in a sachet to my pillow and just barely roll the buds around and the fragrance is intense!

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This is an informational blog post, it is not meant to diagnose, or replace the advice of your doctor.

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