True Natural Beauty comes from within...

True Natural Beauty comes from within...
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Spa Water Recipes

     My latest spa water recipe has grapefruit, lemon, lime, cherries and 2 sprigs of mint. It turned out very refreshing and tasty.  Normally it takes 1-2 hours for the water to be infused with the fruit, but this went much quicker.
     I used one half of a large grapefruit sliced, placed a yummy maraschino cherry in each slice's center, then I sliced a half a lemon, a half a lime, and got 2 springs of fresh mint from my garden.
    I then poured an entire bag of ice in my water cooler,  tipped it on it's side and began sliding grapefruit slices down the side, the ice holding them in place.  I did the same with the lemons and lime slices. Tucked mint in around fruit.    I keep this in my frig to keep it icy cold for days.   Fruit doesn't stay fresh tasting more than a couple days.  I remove the fruit, and repeat the process with the remaining halves of fruit to refresh my spa water.  Love It!  And this is coming from a non-water-drinker!  Tip; not too much grapefruit, it tends to over power.
     Spa Water is also great infused with sliced cucumber, lemon and mint.  Cucumber infuses quickly and continues to get stronger.  I remove my cucumber when it is the right strength for my water.  Very refreshing.
This recipe with cucumber/lemon is one I see most commonly used in spa's.

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Mind Body and Sole said...

I'm so glad you joined us on Wildcrafting Wednesday! This sounds delicious and SOOO refreshing! (Well, except for the marachino cherry - holy processed fruit Batman!) Lol!

We get spring water and usually add a few drops of spearmint essential oil, but I think I'll have to try these recipes next time! :)

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Hi Kathy (Mind Body and Sole), yep you're right about the marachino cherry! Strawberry is really nice and would be a really good substitute, it does fall apart quicker than the other fruits though and needs to removed sooner. Also bing cherries are good! Yum! Even in the winter months spa water is great to keep in the frig to encourage the fam to drink water. See ya next week on Wildcrafting Wednesdays! Anna

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