True Natural Beauty comes from within...

True Natural Beauty comes from within...
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Aspirin Mask and blemish spot treatment recipe

A natural skin care remedy for clearer, healthier skin, right from your own "Pantry Spa".....
Aspirin, Lemon and Honey
As a facial mask, or spot treatment for acne and redness.
For informational purposes only, not intended to treat or diagnose medical conditions.
Updated: 2/16/16

A great natural skin care treatment to add to your routine. The aspirin mask is becoming quite popular now, but is not new to the skin care world.

Aspirin  ( acetylsalicylic acid) is a derivative of salicylic acid  It is anti-bacterial, anti-
                ( a beta hydroxayl acid ) it acts as a powerful exfoliant that sloughs off dead, dry
                skin cells that clog pores, cleaning them and stimulating 
                collagen and new skin cell growth as well as healing blemishes.      
 Honey   is naturally anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and hydrating (a humectant),
              killing bacteria, reducing swelling and moisturizing the skin.  No kidding.

Lemon   is optional in this recipe. It is also a salicylic acid, if you are having problems with
               breakouts, blackheads etc, lemon juice will help unclog the pores which is the
               main reason for breakouts. It's vitalmin C helps minimize sun damage also. 

Water or Jojoba oil ( or other vegetable oil like grapeseed or olive ) Joboba is preferred
               as it is closest to the skins natural sebum, but it is pricey.

RECIPE:   Can be used as an all over mask or as a spot treatment for blemishes.  I personally have never used this as a full facial mask only as a spot treatment, so I  will only
be sharing the spot treatment recipe.  I only share recipes that I have personally used and tested at Natures Home Spa.  

First warm up honey, just a small amount.  

Use uncoated aspirins, but if you have the coated variety just
hold them under warm water and rub
between your fingers until the coating wears off,  you can tell when this happens as the aspirin feels gritty and will dissolve quickly in your hand.    

Add aspirin to your honey. Add a drop or two of lemon juice, this is optional.  Stir well.  

Apply to troubled spots on your face. Acne, pimples, white spots from ingrown hairs,  blackheads. Leave on for 10 minutes, rinse.

Do not use the aspirin mask if you are allergic to aspirin,
or if you can not take aspirin for any other reasons.
Aspirin is not suitable for children under 12 or pregnant women.



Kirppu said...

This is so interesting! I have never tried an aspirin mask because it is so strange to put medicine on the face.

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Kirppu: I agree, I just decided to research aspirin and try this as a blemish remedy for my teenaged children and found out that aspirin was derived from the willow tree. So, we gave it a try and it really did help in the redness of the blemish and calming it down.

Aspirin is a derivative of salicylic acid, making it a member of the salicylate family of compounds. Salicylates are natural compounds found in plants like the willow tree.

thanks for commenting, and I love your blog. You make awesome soaps!

Kirppu said...

Thanks :) Your blog is also very interesting and I like when you put these easy recipes that everyone can make.

Natalia said...

Wow, I am impressed about this recipe! I will have to try it certainly, sounds interesting!
Thanks for sharing, Anna!

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Thanks Natalia! I really appreciate it when someone takes a minute to comment on something.

Advanced Dermatology Review said...

"Natures Home Spa" sounds very interesting. I have never tried this in my whole life but now very excited to use this. Really worth reading this. Thanks Anna

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