True Natural Beauty comes from within...

True Natural Beauty comes from within...
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chocolate and Honey Facial Recipe

  Yum is the only word for this facial, the scent, the richness.... incredible.....
   Eating dark chocolate  is well known to be healthy. And if it contains 70% cocoa it is touted as a "superfood".  But did you know cocoa is healthy for the skin also? It is full of antioxidants that promote healthy cellular tissue thru out our bodies.  Pure cocoa powder has twice the amount of flavonols (antioxidants) as dark chocolate by the way.  By applying cocoa directly to the skin we can improve it.   Here's why: Our cells produce free radicals as they metabolize and our body produces natural antioxidants to neutralize these free radicals.  Things that stress our skin like sun damage, smoking, unhealthy living, etc cause an excess of free radicals that can cause damage.  Eating antioxidant rich foods like chocolate, drinking green tea (an explosive trend right now) and even applying cocoa directly to the skin surface is all beneficial.  
   Personally, I don't get stressed out about all the trendy talk of free radical damage etc,   I just love to make  and use natural body products.  We've got to keep things in balance and keeping a proper perspective on all the hype is essential. Don't get stressed out about all the things that are suppose to cause us stress!  Try my luscious facial and enjoy God's provision!  It's gonna be a great day!

  • 1 teaspoons cocoa powder, unsweetened
  • 1 teaspoon honey  (great cleanser, antibacterial, calms the complexion, moisturizer )
  • 1 teaspoon yogurt  (excellent natural peeling agent, soother, softener, hydrator )
  •  makes 2 masks
 Warm honey in a small dish to make it runny, not completely liquid, add powdered cocoa and mix into a paste, make sure all powder is moistened, this ensures a smooth mask, add yogurt and stir until you get a beautifully creamy smooth mixture.
This mask goes on great with a brush or your fingers.   Leave on 5-10 minutes and rinse in warm water, then splash with cool.   I actually got two facials out of this recipe.   There are some other recipes out there that contain some really nice oil additives but I had to add milk to get it to cover well.  This is an easy to do recipe I think you will enjoy.   Don't skip the warming honey part or you will not achieve the smooth consistency of this facial.  Luscious and decadent.

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